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Recruitment agencies and headhunters: what they do and how they can help you

If you haven’t already, sooner or later in your career, you will probably work with a third-party recruiter. Third-party recruiter (TPR) is an all-encompassing term, similar to the word “tree” – you can have palm trees, pine trees, oak trees and fruit-bearing trees, for example. So too can you have a wide variety of TPRs. My

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How to conduct a thorough job search with less effort

We sometimes stay in a job that we don’t like longer than necessary because we feel that the process of finding a new job is daunting. With the busy lives we lead that include family obligations, social activities and hobbies, we feel as though we can’t add one more thing to our plate. If you feel this way, know

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Psychometric testing and the hiring process

Maybe this has happened to you: the HR professional who is facilitating the hiring process has called you and asked you to complete a test that they send you by email or wanted to schedule time to meet with an industrial psychologist. If you have ever wondered what this is or why companies do this,

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Résumé Hacks: One thing that can take your résumé to the next level

Whether you call it your résumé or your CV, I know that it looks great. You’ve showed it to a couple of people who think it’s great too. However there is one thing you can add that will take your résumé from great to amazing: achievements.

How bilingual are you?

I will admit that I am writing this article straight from the heart. In my years as a recruiter here in Montréal, Canada, I have witnessed candidates, students, friends and family struggle with the questions of bilingualism, either in English or in French. I have so much empathy for the anxiety people experience surrounding this when applying

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