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What to answer when the interviewer says “Tell me about yourself”

You’ve been nervously waiting in the reception area for the interview to start. You hear your name. You get up, shake the interviewer’s hand and follow them into the conference room. You sit down as you mentally go over all the questions you’ve practiced in the days leading up to the interview. The interviewer gestures

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Visons & Values: they’re not just for companies

Recently, I had a few conversations with different, unrelated friends, and each said some variation of: “You have clearly defined values.” I thought it was interesting to hear this same comment from different sources. Serendipitously, I saw a talk by Tony Hseih (pronounced ‘Shay’), the CEO of Zappos, and he had some really interesting things

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The pros and cons of working for a large company

I’ve always emphasized the importance of being selective in your job search. One of the more underrated aspects that candidates sometimes neglect is company size. Company size is important to consider because it has a direct impact on your work and your career. In this week’s two-part article, I will discuss the pros and cons of

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