More wins: List your accomplishments from 2016

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If you have been following along in the past few weeks, we have been on a journey of self-reflection about our careers to set us up for a great 2017.

The final step is your wins list. By listing all your accomplished from 2016, you are building a list that will give you a boost and remind you how talented you are.

The reason why your wins list is an important part of the process is that you want to acknowledge your progress. It will also serve you as you work on your goals in 2017. Whenever you feel discouraged because something is taking longer than anticipated or is not going according to plan, pull out your wins list and read it. Staying positive is an important part of success.

If you can, take some time when you most likely won’t be disturbed. You can wake up early one morning or step out and go to a coffee shop and build your wins list.

Here are a few ideas to build your wins list:

  • Go through your calendar or agenda from 2016, month by month. List what you accomplished.
  • Did you take any classes or master any new skills? Add this to your list.
  • Did you improve anything? Did you have a weakness at the start of 2016 that you have worked on or made progress? Add this.
  • Did you challenge any of your thoughts or deeply held beliefs? Did you sit and really listen to someone who has an opposing viewpoint on an issue? Even if you upheld your point of view, what did you learn? Put this on your list.
  • Did you help anyone, an individual or an organization? Did you contribute your time, your money or your talents? List this.
  • Did a friend or co-worker take some time out to thank you for something you did? Include this on your list.
  • Did you seek out or receive any feedback and have incorporated that feedback? You know what to do.

I hope that by doing this exercise you were able to recall some accomplishments that you had forgotten! So often, we let negative thoughts fill our minds and this undercuts our abilities. Your wins list will help you to stay positive as you go after your goals with enthusiasm in 2017.