5 websites to help manage your career

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One of the biggest misconceptions about career management is that there is someone out there who will outline the steps we need to take to become a  success.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to your career, you’re in the driver’s seat. It’s up to you to actively manage your career and propel yourself forward.

This can be a frustrating process, however, as explained in Tracey Parsons’ article 7 Ways to Actively Manage Your Career:

…[Y]ou ask your manager. And your manager stares at you blankly and points you to your projects. You’re confused and head back to your desk. It is too easy to continue this routine until you get frustrated with your current situation and start looking elsewhere.

Managing your career is a multi-pronged approach involving managers, HR, peers and mentors, all spearheaded by you.

Here are 5 websites which each offer a different perspective on managing one’s career. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, they are great resources that can spark ideas and conversations.

1. Work It Daily

Formerly known as Careerealism, J.T. O’Donnell, who is a pillar in the Talent Acquisition/Human Resources sphere, has grown the platform to become a robust resource for all things résumés and LinkedIn, and now includes webinars and offers online coaching.

2. The Muse

The Muse offers a wide array of articles, courses and podcasts for all levels of employees, from interns to more senior levels. The topics are broad, and there is something for everyone, so even if you are perfectly happy in your job right now, the articles are still relevant reads pertaining to work life. The Muse also offers job search resources for major cities in the U.S.

3. Career Nook

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Café (now in the hands of Susan Joyce from Job-Hunt.org) launched Career Nook to speak specifically to those who feel they may want to transition to another career. This site offers helpful advice and areas to consider before taking the big leap.

4. Huffington Post Canada

True to Huffington Post form, the Career Advice section offers pertinent thought-pieces with a Canadian flavour. Et oui, il y a une section francophone offerte par HuffPost Québec.

5. TalentEgg

Another resource with robust Canadian content, TalentEgg offers great advice for new graduates everywhere looking to start off in their career. There are “day-in-the-life” features to better understand key career areas as well as tips and tricks to help you land your first career-related job. TalentEgg also profiles Canadian companies and has job search resources for recent grads all across the country.

I know these resources will help you to be proactive in your approach to career management. My last word of advice is to always remember to pay it forward: if you have a friend or colleague who could benefit from any of your reads, they will be grateful if you share your insights. As I mentioned in the intro, there is no guide “out there” – it is up to us to help one other as we walk our respective paths to success.